Ethiopia unhappy with US travel ban : CCTV

CCTV Africa
October 25,2016

Ethiopia’s government says it’s disappointed by a United States travel warning.

The State Department has urged American citizens to stay away from Ethiopia, citing recent unrest. However, the government in Addis Ababa is adamant the country is safe.

Video : CCTV

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2 Responses to "Ethiopia unhappy with US travel ban : CCTV"

  1. Abyssinia   October 26, 2016 at 12:47 pm

    Selaim indehnaneh?
    Don’t worry Ethiopian people God will protect us !
    Let America have there opinion I am an Ethiopian American however I will never stop going to my country

    What they report and what we know is so very different eshi
    Please never give up on our people and become weak !
    No that this soon shall pass and stay United not for tribalism but for right and forbid what is wrong in any shape or format it maycome to us
    Never forget that shaytan is every where and his time to rule on this earth is over he comes in many different forms
    Learn to recognize evil and live with peace
    1 Ethiopia !

  2. Dawit   October 29, 2016 at 2:26 pm

    Why they ban(warn) traveling there citizens? Why they don’t take a serious actions that can influence the government to stop killings? Why they don’t think for Ethiopian children instead they let the government to send more soldiers to Somali for an endless war?


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