Dr. Fikre Tolossa talking about his new book : True origins of Amhara & Oromo

November 30,216

Dr. Fikre Tolossa recently published a book in Amharic entitled “የኦሮሞ እና እውነተኛው የዘር ምንጭ” (True Origins of Amhara & Oromo). Many Ethiopians seem to see relevance in the book in light of ever enhancing controversy triggered by radical ethno-nationalists with interest to exploit linguistic differences and history as a playing card to gamble for power.

He was in Seattle yesterday talking about his book ; why he was motivated to write it and what the gist of the book is. Perhaps, the video could address all possible questions you may have about the book.

Should you have more questions about it, drop a line for Dr. Fikre. Here is his address : Fiktolo@gmail.com


8 Responses to "Dr. Fikre Tolossa talking about his new book : True origins of Amhara & Oromo"

  1. William Galgalo milacha   December 2, 2016 at 5:35 am

    It don’t add up so for that try too write your book in Afaan oromo and English I will read it.

  2. Darajjee   December 4, 2016 at 8:38 pm

    That “[Oromo muhuran] Hulum yismamalu” is TOTALLY wrong itself. How do you categorically claim this. We totally discredit that as another mumbojumbo. We are Ancient Kemet/Black Afrikans of Ancient Nile Valley civilizers of the entire World (Ancient Nile Valley=from Mediterranean Sea to Zimbabwe).
    THE MOMENT YOU QUOTE BIBLICAL MUMBOJUMBO that colonial white Europe vomited in the 18th century as a scientific text makes your ‘research’ commonsensical and non-entity. Dump that to a toilet!
    That you challenge the piles of fairy-tales that colonial Europe and local slaves vomited is good.

  3. abebe   December 4, 2016 at 11:50 pm

    አዳም ጎጃሜ ነው:: ኖህ መርከቡን የሰራው ጎጃም ውስጥ ነው:: የዛሬ 4ሺ ዓመት የአትሆፕ ልጆች አጅፕትን ሊቢያ ድረስ ይገዙ ነበር. ሌላም ብዙ ልብወልድ ነገር አለብት:: የሄ የእትህኦፕአ ሕስቶርይ አይባለም ልብወልድ ነው አንጂ.

  4. Assefa Gerba   December 5, 2016 at 6:39 am

    Dr, I surprise your Book.but, I want to Comment your Book in the area of Latin writing or Ethiopian Letter? Dr, I tell you with sample. writing Afaan oromoo in Latin very comfortable.
    eg. In afaan Oromoo we can write as we want by doubling the letters, in ahmaric it is impossible.
    let say Lega, Gena, it simple example. there is many words like this. this words has more than two meanings. how we can differentiate?

  5. Abera Workneh   December 5, 2016 at 6:42 am

    who brought the issues of radical ethino-nationalist agenda first? is it oromo? i do not think? because the oromos are inclusive society and they only use the idea of ethino national agenda to counter attack the radical enthino-nationalist?

  6. mosis   December 5, 2016 at 8:03 am

    It is obvious that all humans came from one ancestor, Adam. I think this book seems his own ‘fetera’. What I totally don’t agree with his idea is on his assumption about ‘Latin’ and ‘Saba’ alphabet for Oromo. It is Latin w/c is 100% appropriate for Oromo. It is not a matter of length that is worthy, b/c all words have their own meaningful pronunciation with Latin.

  7. Amha   February 12, 2017 at 8:58 am

    Prof Fikre did a good job in writing this book & like his independent mind& courage as well. Well done

  8. Alemu   April 4, 2017 at 5:24 am

    pr.Fikere Tolosa In Writtin This Book .he Is Torch Bearer For Next Writter .keep It Up!! we Are Satisfied With your Work.


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