OSHO on Compassion

I read OSHO’s book on compassion. It appears that he is writing from the perspective of Buddihist religious tradition. Overall,I would say the book is very insighteful. Yet, sometimes he goes on to a sytematic deconstruction of the teachings of Christ- on different themes. Also, it appears to,subtly,inculcate individualism. It is a good read and […]

Combatting shortsightedness in Ethiopian Politics

COMMENTARY Combatting shortsightedness in Ethiopian politics By Dimetros Birku Dec 1, 2003 Introduction I read the article “Hate and Bigotry in the name of Ethiopiawinet”, By Kaayo Ummataa, with interest. He has tried to articulate his view on the issues he believes right and wrong. Some of the points he raised are quite true and […]

Reflection on our achievment in the outgoing Ethiopian Millennium

Reflection on our achievement in the outgoing Ethiopian MillenniumTuesday, 11 September 2007var sburl3995 = window.location.href; var sbtitle3995 = document.title; By Dimetros Birku It is like almost a norm to reflect on the outgoing year and think about what to do in the oncoming year. What is outgoing for Ethiopians this year is not just a […]

Marginalization of the Youth from Politics: as imposed and self-inflicted By Dimetros BirkuJanuary 15, 2004————————————————————————- Some times the norm “doing things in the order of importance” mightbe dysfunctional precisely because things might be equally important.By the same token writing on topics in the order of priority may be difficult for the same reason. What is […]