African Union at 50

A $3.5 million festivity to mark the fiftieth anniversary of the African Union, amid hours of power blackout in Addis Ababa, might not sound much. Beyond the fifty years mark and the celebration about it, who can afford to avoid a quest for meaning as to what the African Union means to Africans, and as […]

Incredible survival story of Reshma, Life lesson

From the tragic story of Bangladesh building collapse which some considered as one of the worst “industrial disaster” in contemporary times, there emerged an exceptionally incredible survival story of Reshama, a women who is found alive from the rubbles seventeen days after building was collapsed, and a life lesson. Story of the collapse itself, and […]

Andualem and Eskinder:Court ruling and its implication

By Dimetros Birku If the court ruling against Eskinger Nega and Andualem shocked anyone from the opposition quarter or not even from the opposition quarter, it only suggests ignorance about the real nature of TPLF and how government institutions function under TPLF. If we have not yet reached to the point to believe and profess, […]

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